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  • Gracie Communications

    The presidents of Well Done Marketing and Gracie Communications are pleased to announce the merger of the two agencies as of Nov. 1. The combined staff of 25 will retain the Well Done Marketing name and Fountain Square office at 1043 Virginia Ave., Suite 1A, in downtown Indianapolis. Current Well Done Marketing president Ken Honeywell remains at the head of the combined agencies and Gracie founder and owner Lisa Sirkin Vielee assumes the role of Vice President.

    “I couldn’t ask for a better partner than Ken Honeywell,” said Vielee. “We both are committed to providing a more integrated approach to advertising, marketing and PR. By coming together under the same roof, we can work together seamlessly and deliver results.”

    Find out more by visiting the Well Done Marketing website.

    Find out Lisa’s reaction to the merger here.

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